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Mandy -

hhhm.. "Mike Delta Mike" just doesn't seem very chic...

Charlie Foxtrot -

Charlie Foxtrot..that works rather well!

Enjoying the blog Dan!

mike echo hotel -

I've been looking around here for hours and and I still can't seem to book a flight

Nils Ling -

I thought my initials made me sound like a vivacious, although somewhat over the hill female porn star (November Kilo Lima). And I was good with that, till I figured out what Matt Rainnie's name would be. [chicka-chicka-waoooow] "Evening, ma'am .. I'm here to clean your pool ..."

Rob Fletcher -

Romeo Delta Sierra Foxtrot gets a bit wordy for me. But Romeo Foxtrot isn't too shabby in <i>that</i> respect either there November Lima. :)

Nice to have you on the bloggy scene Daniel! Nice peppering of gradients.

Will -

Whisky Golf Papa.

A disturbing picture of my own retirement.

Lisa Sloniowski -

Lima Tango Sierra.

Stripper name? Or American car? Either way, Windsor's obviously where I should be.

Glad to see your blog, it looks good.

Delta Charlie -

Delta Charlie checking in - Roger Roger on the phonetics -- Q5 here

Hotel Golf -

I'm hotel mimigolf. How exciting! I used to go to air cadets, until I had to move to another country... *rambles on* but I'm going back to Canada next year ^.^

Hotel Golf -

Hmm, I bet you all know eachother and I'm just some random person posting on your site.... *looks innocent*

Hotel Golf -

...or I'm just one of those people who posts a month after everyone else so nobody will ever read her post... yep..

Russell Jones -

I have the greatness of RJ - Romeo Juliet :)

who knows?! -

Delta Papa November.....

not very attractive

Phil Bock -

Papa Bravo.
Like the sound of that

Geoff Cannon -

Golf Hotel Charlie

check with me for all of your vacation needs.

Tango Alpha here -


Sarah -

Sierra November Hotel, a lovely vacation spot.

Glady -

Golf Tango or Alpha Tango? can't choose...

Golf Tango = uh, graceful?
Alpha Tango = first dance?

Big Dickie -

probably the first one here to have the right initials for this:

Juliet Romeo Delta.

Like the first part, except as a guy i dont really like my first name being Juliet...

Lima Sierra Mike -

Nice concept. :)

Lima Sierra Mike -

I thought M was supposed to be Mama. Anyway, I sit corrected. :D

mike alpha tango tango -

hey just thought i would check this cool stuff out never knew what half of them were so thanks alot

Mike November Quebec -

Not really a good for me seeing that I am a girly girly!!

Foxtrot Niner -

Good web site lads. use 'er all time when me and the boys are on the CB's

f*ckin' right doggey, that's good cake

felipe -

ah,vaum tomar nos seus respectivos cús seus gringos bestas!!!

PenguinBoy -

Papa Bravo... propper pimping name, but only with the allias. the real name would come out as Juliet Mike... don't thinxo.

Roger that, sonny? Papa Bravo, over and f##kin out, my clarts.

Karig -

Hotel Foxtrot.

Hmmm...interesting. I was in the Navy a decade and a half ago, so I had to learn this phonetic alphabet and occasionally had to spell stuff into a sound-powered telephone, but the tropical-resort, exotic-dancer, fancy-car connotations of the different combinations of these letter-words never really hit me until now. :-)

Papa Alpha Tango -

sounds nice but masculine.

Juliet Romeo Juliet Mike -

Kind of tells a story, doesn't it...

Ravi -

L-ima I-ndia K-ilo E-cho
T-ango H-otel I-ndia S-ierra

W-hiskey E-cho B-ravo S-ierra I-ndia T-ango E-cho

Echo Juliet -

Gotta love it! Echo Juliet....Pretty...... :)

Juliet Tango -

i guess i could get used to a girls name

Marissa -

Mike Romeo Golf

That's awesome! No, no, not really.

Hotel Lima Mike -

In the words of one of my friends, W.T.F!! (or Whiskey Tango Foxtrot) what a name that'd be.

Hotel Lima Mike -

The whole juliet romeo delta one almost suggests the whole love-triangle plot is going on...

Alpha Sierra -

Achmed. The rest keeps unknown. I have had the call

delta oscar 1 delta alpha sierra

in former times but it was to expensive to stay unused

TeeCee -

TeeCee = Tango Echo Echo Charlie Echo Echo...
I choose a good nickname, it really echoes - or am I just stammering? ;)

Vinet Kulkarni -

Victor Kilo,
Sounds like an advt for the metric system.

Romeo Juliet Delta -

now thats a cool name

Hotel India -

I just wonder what this mean... But it's nice.

juliet echo romeo -

"juliet...juliet...juliet..." quoth romeo

Juliet Sierra -

That just might be my new handle.....

Delta Papa -

Heh. Delta Papa, or Delta Charlie Papa. Catchy, right?

Jeff Michael Halstead -

Juliet Mike Hotel

Its either a foreign tourist aking directions to find their friends, or a smooth talker getting some girl to come to a hotel.>Juliet Mike Hotel 5 minutes

Juliet Kilo Romeo -

i think is funny cos juliet really killed romeo... get it juliet kilo romeo... hahahahha

kingbenny -

Bravo Alpha Sierra.

Mike Romeo Bravo -

that's the brother of johnny bravo ... hey mamma! ... lol

Mike Romeo Bravo -

that's the brother of johnny bravo ... hey mamma! ... lol

translate into the radio talk -

hotel alpha tango echo
yankee oscar uniform

Tango Echo Oscar -

Sounds like Sesame Street, the musical.

Oh, and Juliet Romeo Delta, I'm not sure what it means. Juliet Delta Romeo, however seems likely to involve extensive surgery!

Tango Echo Oscar -

One more thing. Hotel Golf, looks like you didn't have anything to fear.

Kioan -

Kilo India Oscar Alpha November
Nice! Thanks for this site, Daniel! I was looking for the phonetic alphabet because I am talking to the radio now ;-)

Alpha Delta -

One year later and people are still replying. Oh, and I'm Alpha Delta, which is very awesome.


Delta Juliet Whiskey

I've got me an advertisement prospect here!

Slogon: "So smooth, you'd die for it."

Uh, maybe not.


Alpha Juliet Sierra

oh my!

AZ -

At last after many years I have understood the mysterious military-game words "Zulu time" (always wondered - what they have to deal with African time zones?).
Alpha Sierra Zulu; or Alpha Zulu. Not very attractive. Though in general the idea wasn't so bad ;)
Thanx anyway, Dan.

MrEnigma -

Echo Lima Bravo

Kind of boring...

Frank Pedersen -

Foxtrot Papa.

Is that an ol' latino dancing instructor or what ?? Not me -- Never been much of a dancer according to my wife ...

Hotel India -

... is what you get when you 'outsource' "Hotel California" ;-)

Alpha Foxtrot -

This has really helped me with my online & network gaming, now all my friends get relly confused when i relay positions useing the IROA.

I need a pick up at Uniform 12

november echo november -

November Echo Nvember...
haha that amuses me so much. love the juliet wiskey thing haha. and hotel india

kinda sad i spent all my time reading Tango Hotel India Sierra

Bravo Sierra Oscar Delta -

I like "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?"

Delta Juliet Hotel -

I can't believe I just read this whole thing.

Bravo Papa Romeo -


Tango Alpha -

Alpha Tango, I like it that way round and I read through them all as well? crazy. like the style of this site too.

Andrew -

Sweet. I'm Alpha Romeo. ;)
But yeah, I'm a big fan of "Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot! Over."

Cowboy -

Charlie, or Delta Charlie for my real name (no middle name, bummer).

I too just read the whole thing, it's strangely addictive

Victor Tango Romeo -

man do I sound gay.... get me some meat Papa Romeo.... NOW!!! BEND OVER AND GIVE IT TO ME PAPAAAAAA!!! :D lovely blog.

john cage -

i hate you dan, when are you going to give my cake tin back. its been almost two months now. it seems that this blogg is the only way i can reach you these days as the situation has become quite frustrating. i know what you're doing, every time you see my phone number on your cell phone you decide not to answer. i know this because i tried calling you on a public phone and oddly enough you answered. i think this is quite rude of you and thats why i'm making this one public. i will forgive you, and i hope that we can sort things out. i'm still not sre what exactly i did wrong.

Victor Tango Romeo -

Give him his cake tin back you naughty buoy!!! I love this blog.... :D we need more posts though

Sierra Juliet Yankee -

I came across this site while googling for the full list. Glad i came to this one, it has amused me greatly.

MaThIbUs -

"Mike Bravo", anyone?

Yarne W Harries -

Yankee Whiskey Hotel.

I like it! Always wanted to stay somewhere where I can drink myself stupid on bourbon.

Romeo Sierra -

Hmmm none have had 'Romeo Sierra' yet.

Papa Tango -

Wicked pimpin!!

Sierra Echo -

Mine sounds like an SUV.

Bravo Victor Sierra -

a member of the gliding club in holland is called Martin Smit -> Mike Sierra OR Sierra Mike OR SM !!!! He even called his plane Sierra Mike.....

Kilo Romeo Mike -

Kilo Romeo Mike. That would be... a stoner/pot dealer from Southern California, who imagines himself an expert with the ladies.

My son is Juliet Mike Mike Mike. That would have to be either:

A) A pretty, young audio technician who does the sound checks before the show. Every guy in the band and all the roadies are secretly in love with her, but she is reserved and unattainable. Or so they believe.


B) Dialogue shouted during a moment of intimacy between the aforementioned audio technician and stoner. From the sound of it, he really IS an expert with the ladies. Dude.

At the moment I'm babysitting a kid whose initials are Tango Papa Tango. That's obviously something yelled or chanted during the wedding reception of Juliet & Mike.

Love the site. Thanks for putting it together.

Lima Alpha Tango Echo Romeo.

Golf Hotel -

Wow, "Golf Hotel"! At least I know what I'll be doing during my next holidays.

tazzio -

if i've got this right it should be tango sierra uniform... interesting. sounds like a horrible uniform. your site is great!XXXXX

?November?Charlie?Hotel? -

Suena como un disco de The Doors !!!
con un toque de AXL Rose.... hahahaha

Ross -

Mine aint so great.

Romeo Mike Foxtrot.

Alpha Papa Hotel -

Alpha Papa Hotel? Not bad, I guess. Could be worse.

Mike Charlie -

OMG I don't think my life is meant to be exciting!!! Though I'm sure I cud get a job in the porn business sumwhere. Mad Site!!

Echo Whiskey -

Echo Whiskey

So basically i'm a hangover.


Echo Echo Whiskey

A really bad hangover!

Mike Kilo -

Great site. I sound like a copper from London in the seventies who stiffs people bovvering im inniz own manor and blaggin on iz mates. And mistakenly thinks his last name is going to make him big in Hollywood.


Papa Juliet Bravo.....not bad at all..:)

Sierra Juliet Romeo -

kinda cool, hey my friend has a dog tag that says tango golf kilo and it stands for something, maybe you can help figure it out

i like mine, has a nice ring to it

Delta Tango -

my friend's Delta Tango

sounds definitely better than my Papa Zulu.....

Mike Tango Alpha -

"it's strangely addictive", said Delta Charlie , and it's true!

Whiskey Juliet Juliet -

Not good for a guy. Sounds vaguely reminiscent of the shouted demands of an overly ripe barfly who bothered to read his bartender's nametag. Might be better to do my first name, Whiskey India Lima (no, still no good). I can't believe I read the whole thing...this is way too addictive!

Echo Yankee Kilo -

Not so very attractive also. Echo Yankee Kilo? ugh! whats with the misplaced patriotism and weight measurements? I have enough insecurities as it is! _EYK_

Sierra Lima Whiskey -

Sierra Lima Whiskey
I like it, but it would be a bit more exotic without the whiskey

Bravo Whiskey Golf -

Bravo Whiskey Golf? Bravo! One hit, one nip, one hit, one nip, one nip, one nip, one hit, one nip - cheers!

Ranganath Eunny -

Romeo Echo...hmmm...doesn't get anywhere...

I thawt I saw a Juliet Echo here (or was it Echo Juliet). hmmm Incestuous!

This is a great site...never saw a thread run for more than a year before! case u read this, lemme remind, u still owe me some money.

Alpha Foxtrot -

Every time I come to this site I end up reading all the posts.

If only I'd learn

Shadi -

Sierra Sierra... naah
Sierra Oscar Sierra.... :p

ME -

Foxtrot Alpha!

Sounds like a next generation fighter-plane, doesn't it!

Delta Golf Charlie -

Lol This Is Fun - What does mine sound like?

Echo Alpha Charlie -

Hi Dan... this is really a good way to make people lose some time... LOL. I wanted just to find out the whole alphabet and the google showed me this site... well, I've got it, but had to read all these posts to see if my name available.

Have u ever talked to John Cage??? LOL

Best regards from Brazil...

Echo Alpha Charlie

Ria -

Romeo Charlie Mike !?!?!?!

That is NOT very feminine!

Romeo India Alpha... somewhat mysterious

my son is Sierra Juliet (Mike) .... my husband is Juliet Lima (Mike) .... and my other son is Zulu Alpha (Mike)

This is really twisted!

and Foxtrot Uniform November, too!

...yes I read the whole thing....


ALpha Lime i did learn somthing in ROTC....




sorry HAHA lima not lime....stupid british....jk jk

tango kilo sierra alpha -

not very nice but making me think of a car named alpha romeo anyone withe initials ar?
I too was googling for the whole alphabet i need to spell when on the phone!

Charlie Bravo Tango -

It rolls off the tongue well; but what does it mean...

Romeo -

Seeking a Juliet to sip a little Whiskey and shack upt at Hotel Bravo for a night of Tango; and call me Papa

potter -

how do we use these letters?say,if my names's potter.......

Wolfgang Wallisch -

Great ... Whiskey Whiskey works well enough ;)

Jonas Andradas -

Juliet Alpha.... :) Souns like a secret project...


Juliet Alpha Alpha.... don't know which is best ;)

Was searching for the Phonetic List, and came upon this website... I like it very much!!

BS -

Hmmm, "Bravo Sierra" is a lil better than the BS i usually hafta deal with.....

And a complication involving compound names also tends to earn me the initials BJ.....
"Bravo Juliet" is better there -- i think i heard that last week at the theater

I can't believe I actually read this whole thing -- and i gotz hw now too

Mike Hotel Bravo -

Anyone besides me heard "Foxtrot India, Golf Mike Oscar" all too frequently?

Romeo Foxtrot -

this site inspired my initial name which sounds awesome - Romeo Foxtrot

Papa Papa November -

how boring... Papa Papa November boo hoo I'm not cool

Mike Charlie Foxtrot -

It's just not fair... My name is Michael Charles F. ...Well, at least I got a Foxtrot.

Mike Watson -

HAHA! What a hoot! But, what else would you expect from:

Mike Whisky

kris white -

kilo whiskey.........shit!!....will give it a go!!

Lisa-Joy Lindahl -

Lima Juliet Lima.... or Lima Lima?? - I'm going to Peru!! Out of all the fun combinations, why is mine so pathetically boring?? :P

I cannot believe the number of people who posted stating they actually read all these things!!! :$ ;-) Great website! I unfortunately just spent 2.5 hours of h/w time...hmmmm :S

Charlie Hudson -

Charlie Hotel: Sounds like a brothel, and I'm half way there already.
Home time.

Romeo Lima Sierra -

What a crazy name... Romeo Lima Sierra AKA Horihito around the web... just came across the site here... thought I would say hi...*waves hi*

TR of Rankin Fame aka Romeo Tango Romeo -

Romeo Tango Romeo

This is really only cool if you do one of two things:

. Chop the first 'Romeo' and go with 'Tango Romeo'. It's somewhat descriptive.

.. Insert some carefully placed punctuation. 'Romeo! Tango, Romeo?!'

bravo juliet -


bravo juliet -

no im a guy

bravo romeo juliet -

go me go im a guy and i have a kewl name

Tango Charlie Whiskey -

Dance you Drunkard


All in all, a good name...

breena -

bravo delta whisky... you have the sweeeeetest blog name I have ever encountered. I'm totally jealous, and now i'm off to read your blog!

Yoel Roth -

Yankee Hotel Romeo sounds sort of erotic..

Dude -

Juliet Echo Whiskey

Personamb -

Charlie Charlie just...doesn't have a good ring to it.

Nice blog you have here, good sir.

Robin Joseph van Rossum -

Romeo Julia Victor Romeo

This sounds great, maybe leave the Victor out!

Great site, have to learn the
alphabet for my Glider pilot license.


Juliet Juliet -

I'm male! Or am I?

Bravo Delta Papa -

My housemates are:
Hotel Sierra, and
Hotel Victor Delta Whiskey

Sounds like fun!
Het dit baie geniet, dankie!


My middle and last initial are the same, so I'm going with "Charlie Romeo". Sounds romantic... well kind of romantic anyway.

I actually discovered this site after a google search for "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" and felt compelled to read all the posts. Don't ask me for a reason for doing either. :)

Charlie Romeo, Oscar Uniform Tango.

Echo Alpha Charlie -

My second visit here. Fortunately I had not to read all the posts...LOL
This time I'm going to copy the alphabet so I dont need to come back...
Maybe in the future to see how many posts...

Good luck everybody!!!

Hotel Golf -

My name is Henri Goldsmann..... I didn't know my name was associated with luxury...

Angelus -

Alpha Whiskey.... w00t!



HAZWOPER Super Safety says todays language you better know this shit or you can't talk on the phone!

JenniB -

Juliet Lima Bravo. I read the whole blog waiting for my kids to get ready for bed! (Alpha Echo Bravo & Alpha Mike Bravo)

I can never remember Q- Quebec, so I googled 'alpha bravo' and found this site!

I didn't have more important things to do than read everyone's phonetic names. Such is the life of a Sierra Alpha Hotel Mike!

It's interesting though, there weren't any "Quebecs". Maybe that's why I can never remember it.

Papa Oscar -

Nice blog!

Feel like I should be puffing on a Cuban with a name like that

RogerT -

An I thought "Breaking Wind" was same as "Letting go from down below"... CB Jargon definitely different lingo

Can anyone educate me why theres no 10-40 CB Ten Code??

Romeo Sierra Tango is good for me

Jorge -

Juliet Alpha Papa....mmmm.....ugly

sanchy -

this web is what i was looking for!! try playing spain bombs..

Juliet Romeo Golf -

just seems backwards...maybe I should swap middle and first names for the sake of Shakespear...

Ben -

Bravo Delta

Congratulations Ms Goodrem

bravo papa romeo -

thats pretty cool i think

Tango Charlie Echo -

Or Tango India Mike for my first name (as apposed to initials) which sounds I say to my wife when she's not listening..."Juliet Echo November this is Tango India Mike, come in". I memorised all these years ago for no particular reason - now I'm looking at buying a boat...will be handy on ye olde VHF.

foxtrot uniform charlie kilo -

ecko is how its spelt

haha -

Why do knuckleheads always make stupid comments in blogs.... Makes me wonder about the employment rate - is it low because there are no jobs, or is it low because people feel better making comments on random people's blogs than working... However I combine the best of both worlds and leave comments while I'm at work! :D
Hotel Bravo? weak! Coulda been better

Mike Tango Alpha -

Well done, Dan !!!

Moduci -

Charlie Foxtrot = cluster fuck = chad Farmer

Yugoslav -


Andreas -

Alpha November it lol

Alpha Tango -

it could be a new dance . . . wicked lol

Joe -

Echo-Fower Sierra wun wun wun bravo CO.
in the military, when "sending" transmitions, you have to use your pay grade(echo-enlisted E-1 through E-10/ oscar-officer O-1 through O-10)and innitial of last name for your "handle"
Cpl. Stone= Echo Fower Sierra.
My innitials would come out as:
Charlie Sierra Tango Oscar
it amzes me that ppl r still posting/ over

cindy -

hey my favorite song is foxtrot uniform charile kilo (by the bloodhound gang) and now i know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha thankk you!

~Lou Boo~AUS -

Lima Echo Sierra
Sounds like some kind of herbal tea??
using my alias: lou boo>lima bravo

which one?

will -

whiskey juliet whiskey kinda sucks
whiskey whiskey is ok though

Faranjit Ubhi -

hhhmmm Foxtrot Uniform? isnt that ment to be F**k You? lol

Owen E J Townsend -

Oscar Echo Juliet Tango sounds nice
but Oscar Tango is a nice code name.
Peace out all!

srini -

Sierra Charlie.. thtz not bad!!!!! wot do u say???

Dave Child -

Delta Alpha Charlie. Not too bad ...

And my other half is Lima Charlie Uniform. That just sucks ...

Jeanne M. Riga -

Juliet Mike Romeo. Sounds like I'm having a gender identity crisis...

Chris Smith -

Charlie Sierra... Hmmmm. Rolls off the tongue nicely. I'll keep it. Great blog.

Faith Hollamby -

Hi dunno who you are but was looking up the alphabet because i couldnt for the life of me remember H.
Im Foxtrot Charlie Hotel.
Only got interested in it because of that new bloodhound gang song foxtrot uniform charlie kilo, oh i live for inuendos.
Laters strangers
a parting kiss for each of you

Nicole -

November Sierra, just doesn't have the ring :(

william kelly -

whiskey kilo sound like a hell of a night out dont ya think
thats animal im going to get all my buds to call me whiskey from now on

Abi -

Alpha Juliet Mike are my intials and heres my full name Alpha Bravo Bravo Echo Yankee/ Juilet Echo November Kilo India Sierra/ Mike charlie Charlie Alpha Whiskey

abi -

try and make head o that

Juliet Lima Whiskey -

You're playing easy to get Abi! .. or should I say Abbey Jenkis McCaw :p

SoulSlayer -

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo :]

Xant -

x-ray hotel, not bad at all

Tango Hotel -

hehe would love to stay there!!

Papa Foxtrot -

hehehe, Papa Foxtrot what initials for Patrick Fleming, lol :) i love the idea of this and i want to know who invented it.

Papa Delta -

Papa Romeo Delta. Or Papa Delta if you take out my middle name. I like it except for the papa coz I'm a girl.


Thats okay, Papa -- I'm a guy who becomes Juliet Papa Tango :(

Hotel Kilo -

Hotel Kilo...?

Sounds like a slimming saloon to me :-s

Mike Tango -

Sweet! Luckily I got a fierce handle. All this name game, and poor Juliet Charlie's tins in the middle of it. stunning.

Crackheadskamaster -

im with the soulslayer guy Foxtrot,Uniform,Charlie,Kilo all the way bizzotch.....o i just got mail :).punk rock!!


1 lima, 2 echos, 1 hotel, 1 oscar, 2 limas, 1 yankee, 1 mike, 1 india, 1 tango, 1 charlie, 1 hotel, 1 echo, 2 limas...and a partridge in a pear tree;)

Hotel Delta -

Hotel Mike Delta.....sounds like a resort in the desert....if there is such a thing!!!

Charlie Sierra -

I don't wanna beat around the bush
Foxtrot Unifrom Charlie Kilo

Damn that songs addictive

Elizabeth -

Echo Romeo...sounds like some expensive J-Lo perfume

Neeraj -

November Tango ... sounds more like a movie title !!

J.C. -

Juliet Charlie Juliet....sounds like an unfulfilled dream where I, Charlie, am at the center of it all.

Sexygirl -

Romeo India Romeo doesn't seem like a decent girl's name. :(

juliet echo -

my name is Juliet Echo, thats my band.

yo. don't mess with it. i am a rocker chick.


kilo tango juilet -

kilo tango juliet nice!!! kl wikid fingy ere nd omg hotel golf i go air cadets too even tho u posted ur fingy 2 years ago neva mind!! lol

kilo tango juilet -

or just kilo juliet, kl

Kerry Breyette -

Kilo Charlie Bravo.. s'ok.. if you kill the Kilo.

AR -

Alpha Romeo for me, how good is that?

anna balston -

alpha boring

marko -

Mike Juliet

funny that i just finnished romeo and juliet

marko -

oh and by the way...


take that

bill -

Last night on Who want's to be a millioniare a question was, name the FIVE male given names in the radio alphabet......

Mind your Papas and Quebecs now!


Dan Herman -

Just happened to find you while searching for an artist I booked in is Jen Emma, who happens to use the stage name JULIET ECHO. No lie. Here is her site:

Good stuff on this page.

(Delta Hotel)

Jamie -

Juliet Lima Juliet

Angelou Dela Fuente -

Alpha Delta Foxtrot
It is so good this name is

Susen Wheeler -

Sierra Delta Whiskey - Funny! I'm from the south too.

alexander hausleitner -

honestly, i do not like my initials a.h.
I'm from austria - has to do with our history - know what i mean?
but i really do like alpha hotel - it sounds nice

Annoying Guy -

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Yankee Oscar Uniform
-Figure that out lol

Bunnie -

Excellent! I've always wanted to know the whole "military" alphabet. Cool site!

With love from...
Bravo Alpha Delta...booyah!

Ailsa -

Alpha Lima.

i like it.

MK -

Mike Kilo... I sound like an overweight wrestler. crap.

Tango -

I'm Tango Lima Bravo Mike...not very interesting

But the good porn aliases come from combining your middle name with the name of the street you live on...

So its "Lynn Resurrection" signing off...chika chika bow wow!

ashley worden -

I would like to know how to say the numbers like you say the letters 

ashley worden -

coud some one please e-mail me so I know how thanks alot very appreciated

Johnny B -

great site! wz lookin' for this alpha bravo thing for givin' my e-mail address ova th phone. outside of LA th "eaux" throws most! I'llBbac

Sierra Lima Lima -

Not too bad considering some of the combinations that it could've been;) Sounds quite exotic for a nubile young lady:)) And, I can't believe that I read the whole thing too... it is quite addictive.

Josh Riza -

Juliet Romeo, sounds a bit to much like a play

Yankee kilo Whisky -

Yankee Kilo Whisky...

I'm a nothern duke of hazzard

Echo Lima Charlie -

I didn't know what U was.
Was trying to figer them out cause of that question on Who Wants To Be A Millioniare that was on a couple of nights ago.

Nice Site

Echo Lima Charlie

MaCeR -

Mike November Was here!

KUTGW Delta Tango Bravo!


Grez -

Golf Sierra - think I got a bit of a car theme on my name :p

Abhilash Rajan -

Alpha Romeo... yeah baby :-)

Great website Delta Tango Bravo.

romeo bravo charlie -

wassup world this rbc telling Delta Tango Bravo cool site man you helped me learn the radio operators alphabet.

Bert -

Bravo Oscar. doesn't sound so bad actually :-)

Juliet Sierra -

yo sup? How do u remember all tht words for letters stuff??

X-Ray Delta 1 -

How cool is this? I'm "Mike Romeo" and my girlfriend is "Mike Juliet."
Of course, what's weirder is I knew a Mike Romeo in high school. This site would bum him out.

LimaOscarVictorEcho IndiaTango!

Horst -

Hotel Charlie Whiskey - maybe I should take Charlie as a new nickname - and have a Whiskey in the evening.

Romeo Alpha Tango Mike Echo -

Romeo Alpha Tango Mike Echo checking in.

You can call me Romeo for short ;)

Mike Charlie -

my initials: Mike Charlie.... too bad that i'm a girl ay :P

Cait Smith -

Charlie Sierra biznot

India Tango -

Yankee Oscar Uniform Alpha Lima Lima Hotel Alpha Victor Echo November Oscar Lima India Victor Echo Sierra

Bio via LinkedIn

Daniel Burka

My name is Daniel Burka. I'm a web designer living in San Francisco. Currently, I'm one of the founders of Milk Inc.. For several years I was the creative director at Digg and previous to Milk, I was the director of design at Tiny Speck. I grew up in PEI, Canada, where I was one of the founders of silverorange. Aside from obsessing about interface design and css selectors, I'm a frequently-falling rock climber, a lazy cyclist, and an often out-of-bounds disc golfer.

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