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al -

It's funny, when Mathowie first announced "Ask MetaFilter" my first thought was "how's he going to make a Favicon of that name that fits with the oh-so-neat MF and MT for MetaFilter and MetaTalk." Still no solution to that little problem, I'm afraid :(

Gordon -

Funny how there are no photo realistic favicons in either your or Makiko's lists.

Gordon -

Oops meant to suggest a couple:,,

cripes there's loads!!

ffoeg -

I enjoy the kidrobot favicon ( something about the robots man...gets me every time. Plus they have some impressive action figures over there which are worth a look.

Steven Garrity -

A few other suggestions:
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>

<p style="clear: both;">Putting shame aside - a few of my own design:</p>

<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>

<p style="clear: both;">Good post.</p>

John Cook -

I'm proud of my favicon, mainly because I have zero drawing talent.

Johnny Rukavina -

I really like favicons that appear in my bookmarks as a quick visual indicator of what's what. I'm wondering why sometimes they appear and sometimes they don't with no rhyme or reason. Does anybody know?

Daniel Burka -

Unless someone has a better answer Johnny, as far as I can tell the support for Favicons is entirely voodoo. Some browsers are better than others (Microsoft IE is particularly bad) but no browser I've used much supports them very well. It seems like a trivial thing not to just get right, but no one seems to do it well. Perhaps there is more complexity than meets the eye that some browser programmer can enlighten us with.

Steven Garrity -

Yeah, it does seem to be voodoo. There are a slew of bugs listed in the Mozilla/Firefox bug database - this bug listing covers them.

Johnny Rukavina -

Obviously breaking the favicon voodoo curse is a job for the President of the Internet. Perhaps you can add this to the docket for his next cabinet meeting.

Garrett -

It's funny, my favorite icon has been the same for 3 years, even though my website has changed designs at least 6 times.

Lots of good picks there, Daniel.

james -

I had no idea there were so many CC sites. My favicon is relatively unimaginative but no worse than Creative Commons or Cuban Council's, I suppose...

rur42 -

So yes, how do you capture favicons?

Daniel Burka -

rur42: I got the Favicons above just by taking a screenshot and saving them as GIFs. However, if you look in the source of the document to get the path to the Favicon and paste it into your address bar you can save the actual ICO file to your computer.

Nick Burka -

Another one I just came across that struck me as funny.
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" title="Fucked Company" /></a><br clear="all">

jennifer -

awesome post!

i'm terribly amused that stole their favicon from [as far as i know- the latter has been around for aaaaages and was actually one of the first sites i saw that used a favicon, which is why i remembered it.]

Daniel Burka -

Duly noted Jennifer. I hadn't recalled that was Sodaplay's favicon. The link has been updated now to the original source. Thanks.

mixin visuals -

sweet collection@! good stuff

Michael Hale -

I ended up here by digging through the referrer strings in my web server logs; and was pretty surprised to see my icon is one of your favs. I like the idea - keep building. If anyone needs help adding a favicon to their site here is a good link that's been sitting in my bookmarks:

jim -

Wow, love the way you've styled this form! BTw the link to hicksdesign points to the wrong url - go see for yourself. My own favicon is shamefully dire. I'm working on it for the next redesign. Good entry.

Ben -

What about Ryan Wickstrand's favicon at Goatee Style? Can't go wrong with goats.

And Jenn Rodriguez' icon at Simplicity is awesome.

OrneryBoy (a sw33t webcomic) has a cool icon too.

Another webcomic, Real Life has a nice blue pill favicon thing going on.

And finally, everyone's favourite Big White Guy, Randall van der Woning.

Ruben -

My personal favourites include

gigaom (my number 1 icon)<br/>
and Charlotte's Web.

I like your plane as well.

Feed -

Ryan -

Excellent topic and great resource for design ideas!

I nominate the favicon at

Ben -

I found another great favicon, from the guys at Silver Orange.

Szechuan -

Our school (The London School of Economics) has a great one:

Lex -

My little birdie and I are flattered to be included! Thank you.

JacoB -

Well... of course I like my favicon. Not only is it just mine but it is also me.
My site is in the midst of an identity crisis though...

Kevin Navia -

excellent! small images/branding 'do' start wonders!

Keith -

Seeing all of those pretty much forced me to up date my tired old, lame favicon. Thanks a lot! ;)

No, really, great post!

Karan - - Seattle Times...very cool!

Jamal -

I like the one at Microsoft's Office website. Pretty neat.

patrick -

my first try at it:

Frank -

Da bomb (love this one):

<a href="" title="Trevor Van Meter" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a><br style="clear: both;" />

matthew -

I've been inspired to update my favicon and site logo:
<a href="" title="differentSky" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="logo" /></a>

Come check out my site and lay a block on the gustblock.

richard -

try the one at !

John -

The good list of icons

Twyst -

I'm rather proud of my favorite icon, as it's my first try, but it matches the site rather well. check it out at Ballistic Zen

Lord Chaos -

just wanted to add the favicon of but as i put it here, it was completely black.
any suggestions?

url is
<img src="">

Tobias -

Awesome list with many nice favicons. Good work!

cokepoet -

Mine is lame, too, but a great photo favicon is - You can even sort of tell that it's Stevie Nicks. Others:

cokepoet -

ALSO! There are a couple of programs now for getting and keeping favicons from your favorite websites. The best one is FavIconizer.

Philippe Portes -

Es increíble lo que se puede lograr con algo de imaginación, muy buenos íconos.

cokepoet -

I also found a HUGE list of favicons, some good, some not so good.

It's in French, but just go through the categories on the left. If you need to visit each site in order to get the favicons (which are presented on the list as gifs), be aware that some of the links are bad, but that if you put in the address that is listed as the link, instead of trying to go to the links themselves, sometimes it works better. Like a billion favicons.

Valentin -

Once more with favicon:

Rob Mientjes -

Displaying my own stuff: » It's just my own, not the best though. » This one I like. I just captured some of the recognition marks of the site, and it works.

Marc -

Fascinating topic. Time and again I'm amazed how even complex graphics transform smoothly to much smaller resolutions.
For our university website we ventured to cram the official seal into the favicon format (cf. the original

Kevin -

A couple of favicons that I like (sorry if some of them are already posted!):

Mine: <- html'ished icon

Karan -

I have a new one: <img src="">

Ischa Gast - has a new favicon

Chris -

Awesome site! I think I will use these on my personal sites. Thanks.

c32 -

my jack sparrow favicon i like it

c32 -

i mean jack skellington ;D

Jamie Smith -

Fantastic selection of favicons. Well done!

Wish Internet Explorer would do a better job of remembering the favicons. Mine never seem to be stored in favorites for more than a few minutes or hours.

Poonam -

Very cool site. How can you make your own favicon? Maybe a dumb question - but I would like to customize for my own website with maybe just "NP" ...


Cloudless -

Would you mind to add my favicon too?
(a photoblog in hong kong)

Tech Smores! -

I would like to add mine to your list as well.

Indranil -

By the way, yours is very good.

Anna -

I would like to add my studio's icon to your list. Cheers.

ashley -

Nice post. Here are some more.

<a href="" title="" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="" /></a>

<a href="" title="devil's dictionary x" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="" /></a>

<a href="" title="sage" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="" /></a>

<a href="" title="" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="" /></a>
<br style="clear: left;">

paul -

i have a better favicon on 230 now, it's more HARDCORE. well, not really, but it's definitely nicer.

Joe - (Have to putmy own site :p)

Julian Burgess -

Great list cheers

Trevor F. Smith -

I don't feel too badly recommending my the favicon on my site ( ), as it was designed by the excellent Tim Martin at

Andreas -

Du you know - an interesting project to compare favicons by checksumming them?

Jacques Troux -

I like the little alien at

Frank -

If you are searching for a great favicon site take a look at! Still in beta but worth a look.

fandango -

nice collection, nice ...

Richard Law -

Nice collection of Flavicons! [-.-]<br>
<a href="" target="blank"><img src= ""></a>

Erik J. Barzeski -

The icon at is nice too. :-)

Rob Mientjes -

Shamelessly showing off my own stuff:
<a href="" title="Zooiblog" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="" /></a><br style="clear: left;" />

Derek K. Miller -

I have little shame.

gP -


look my site for big collection of favicons. :-)

min o -

Nice wee site. Here's yet another suggestion - it's my one seen on:

åsk -

I like cameron molls mini "n-m" logo and my own little green "å" here - lets just say I'm a sucker for letters. ;)

Mindaugas -

Great post! Here's favicon of my website. It is an eye of chameleon from my logo ;o)

<a href="" title="" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="" /></a><br style="clear:left;">

Ad & Breakfast Team -

We would like to add our agency's favicon to your list. Regards;-)

Ad & Breakfast Team -

We would like to add our agency's favicon to your list. Regards;-)

nathan -

great favicons, nice jobs on the custom ones!

Matias Puga -

nice, page, and great idea !

jemma berner -

I like little photo ones that that I see everytime I go into my favourites as they make me feel happy.

G+A -

We would like to add our agency's favicon to your list.
All the best.

GilbertZ -


Just suggesting our favicon for your list

mathewh -

ah, thought you might like my favicon? have a look and have a great day.


Mad -

Hey I thought maybe you'd like my favicon too. It resides at:

David van Wert -

Howzabout this one from Modern Mirth?
<a href="" title="Modern Mirth" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="" /></a><br style="clear:left;">
Guaranteed to upset people who are afraid of clowns!

kabloc -

Hei Look my favicon

moyashi -

<a href="" title="" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="" /></a> hi, perhaps you like my favicon as well ;)

Ivan -

nice one at

wpein -

can help me perfect my favicon?thanks.

kabloc -

<a href="" title="Kabloc - Home" class="favicon"><img src="" alt=""></a> This is my Favicon !!!

Karan -

I love my new's so lovely, it will make you sparkle and pee freely. Take a look!

kendra -
This is a pretty cool moose favicon

wpein -

<a href="" title="hampshire pewter" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>

my favourite favicon.

lemo -

hehehe... i vote for the dead skull!

webjones -

I found you whilst checking out ...
I like coffee
<a href="" title="webjonesdotnet" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<br style="clear: left;" />
... I do hope I did the right thing to add my favicon here. If not, drop by the site.

gizmo -

speaking of needing a favCon i agree

atsuno -

one of my personal favorites is the one on

Leon -

I might have overlooked it, but where's Tux? One of my all time favourites!
<img src="" class="favicon"><br style="clear: both;" />

Jenn -

html-kit's website has a tool that converts gifs into icos. they also have an impressive collection of favicons:

hector -

hi !!
very, very nice collection.
my own favicon <p>
<img src="" width="28" height="28"></p>

Jedidjah -

So many good icons! - I've done the best I could for my site but compared to some of these you would think a kindergardener drew it.

Webmister -

Check my favicon please. It is Guanajuato´s shape.

20cent -

I am in the list ! :D
But can you make an update please ?

20-cent <img src="" alt=">"/> 20cent<br/><br/> <img src="" alt=">"/><br/><br/>
<img src=""> <img src="" alt=">"/> <img src=""/>

Thanks ! :)

Stephanie -

Awesome collection. I decided to finally make one, I would love to get feedback on it.

Mario Sanchez -

Interesting post. Some time ago, I posted an article on how to make a favicon:
I have updated it to include a link to your collection!


Nils Ling -

Far too lazy to read everything or even look at all the favicons ... but check this one out, if you haven't seen it already:

05moon -

check my icon:

take care,

Adam Bramwell -

The first really striking favicon was the simplicity of OnePointZero.

Its multiple binary meanings are the overall similarity to an on/off switch, and the fact that it is constructed from a 1 and a 0. Perfect!

blondorange -

Hi ------------------------

marcel -

James -

Hi - love your collection of favicons! I just posted a link to you here -- enjoy the link-love ;-)

Rostislav -

<p style="clear: both;">Nice collection :-)</p>

<a href="" title="Macromedia" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<p style="clear: both;">I wonder why you've missed Macromedia.</p>

<a href="" title="Radio Bulgaria" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<p style="clear: both;">There're also good animated ones like this.</p>

<a href="" title="Asual" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
<p style="clear: both;">My one isn't that bad too.</p>

Chris -

German TV station 3sat ( has great and simple one. I like my own ( too. But I change it quite frequently.

Paladin -

Your site inspired me to improve mine.

<img src="" class="favicon">

I wonder whether to keep the "21" or remove it entirely. What do you think?

Daniel Burka -

Paladin: that's really nice. I'm not so big on the 21 as it seems awfully pixelly next to the face. Maybe it would work well if the numbers were darker. Might be nice just with the face. It certainly qualifies for the next round of additions to this collection once you're done refining it.

Joachim -

wow, impressive collection!
there's an animated favicon I like : (from this blog : )
and here are some from my bookmarks: (beware, not-so-fresh humor) (his favicon actually comes from one of his most famous photos)

Jerry Jumper -

Check out my favorite favicon on

shaitan -

a couple here:
a flame -
a toad -

John Metcalf -

Wow, some impressive icons here. Mine looks like a squiggle by comparison.

Matt -

<a href="" class=favicon><img src=""></a>

Here's one of mine.

TR of Rankin Fame -

Heavy D!

Long time no communicate! Glad to hear you are, as a wild animal yourself, settling nicely into the concrete jungle.

I dig the favicon thing. Pitchfordmedia ( has a pretty deadly one. Check-check out what it's all about.


Wes McGee -

I visit TVBarn regularly, and I like their icon

Andy -

I love favicon and will post some more soon.

Tony -

The favicon you have listed for is actually the favicon (and corporate logo) for Userland:

Just an FYI.

I don't user Userland, but I would imagine that favicon may be a default favicon for any Radio Userland blogs???

marb -

I want to be able to vote on my favorite icon...

Jason -

Here is a neat one. Cool idea.

Carl Ellis -

yep, being able to vote on favourites would be cool ;)

Josh - is nice. But I might be a bit partial...

virginia -

Wow, some impressive icons here. Mine looks like a squiggle by comparison

anna -

wow very nice

luder -

good site

Mike Jones -

Excellent favicons

Divya -

Selfish me wants to put mine too here:

<img src=""/>

Mathias Bynens -

<a href="" title="Math Jazz" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="Math Jazz favicon" height="16" width="16"></a><br style="clear:left" />

ChrisJ -

The sexiest eye on the planet: Boudist

Gernot -

<img src="" align="absmiddle"/> IdeaNotes - Luhmanns Zettelkasten ... English Version

I like it, looks so smart!

Gerrit -

One more:

bit2bit -


first time here - but this is a unbelievable place !

great job, guys

greetings from vienna

Pablo Theissen -

My suggestion:
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src=""></a>
<br style="clear: left";>

p.yam -

maybe this:

marcus renn -

what a great selection! and inspiration! keep on collecting!

Uruloki -

The one from my site, simple and explicative...

<a href="" class="favicon"><img src=""></a><br style="clear: left;" />

Joe Kucharski -

Hey, this is a great little site. I never knew that anyone would be collecting fav icon. Good Luck!! Joe

Hans -

Here are mine, after the Reboot, and before v1.0:
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src=""></a><br style="clear: left;" />

silly rabbit -

<a href="" class="favicon">
<img src=""></a><br style="clear: left;" />

digdog -

<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" /></a><br style="clear: left;" />

Jason -

Something Mardi Gras in Tampa, otherwise known as the Gasparilla Pirate Festival or just "Gasparilla" for short. The festival is very similar to Mardi Gras and takes place in February. The website I submitted specializes in making and selling throw beads for the krewes that participate in the parades. Beads make fine barter to negotiate favors from fairer lasses!
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" /></a>

Malversan -

Simple and stylish. I really like <a src=>this one (<img src=></img>)</a> over a white background.

Oliver -

Alex -


There are great. The problem I am having is to get the favicon to look clear and crisp in 16x16. What to do?

nalin -

i featured you're list at my design & media blog
maybe you like my favicon too! :)


christian -


I made a favicon using my logo. I guess its quite difficult to put it in a favicon, so i made it just with microangelo and scaling it down.

I like the result, instead it still isn't that "clear" as other logos.


christian -


Have a look at my site I made the favicon simply by scaling my logo down to 16px². It is not quite that claer as others, but i like it anyway.

Commets (also directely via mail) welcome.


Lukino -

nice collection! I think i will soon post a link on my design weblog (italian language)... anyway, check our favicon! It really shines in bookmark list! (lo spremiagrumi means the juicer in italian)

d3signer -

Some nice favicons: (though the site isn't too pretty) (I assume they're going to sell hats!)

Akotan -

Mine! Mine! I think it's cool! (^_^)

robert rodriguez -

hello d3signer, excellent list. ditto on that assumption on notonlyhats. I ended up here after doing a search for the domain. not sure why it's been registered for over a year and still "coming soon"? i couldn't see the favicon but the site looks awesome. i am a internet guy by trade but that logo still blew me away! sweet favourite favicons site daniel :-)

d3signer -

Thanks for comment, Robert :)
FSBOATL shows pretty well for me (

And here are some more:

robert rodriguez -

Still can't see the fsbo one - must be ie?
That last one is sweet, jump on deals :-)

this is so cool -

this is so cool

DreamingInTechnicolor -

Cool site - kinda like 21st century bottlecap collecting :)
One more for the set - a tiny pair of headphones:<br>
<img src=""/>

headwinds -

excellent collection -- I found your site through a
FITO recommendation

<img src=""></img>

Cinematico, Inc. -

Thanks for sharing your great collection!
<img src="">

Scott O'Brien -

Multiply: <a href="" title="Multiply" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="logo" /></a>

Someday people will recognize this site as being the one that started social communication.....

William -

Here's one for you:

<img src="">

Freelance Artist -

One of my favorites:
<a href="" title=" Intelligent Freelance Outsourcing" class="favicon"><img src="" /></a>

olya - has a neat icon, recognizable and fitting their name and image.

Coryn -

those are few of the nicer ones I know...

DW -

A football, of course!

CJ -

Durham University ->

Patrick Haney -

You have to love the amount of creativity and originality that can come in a box of 16x16 pixels.

Emmanuel -

This one is from a french website proposing various flash riddles : <a href="" title="Ouverture Facile" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>

Michelle -

I hope you will like our favicon:

<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" alt="" title="Password Protect Software" height="16" width="16"></a>

Magda -

Try this fav. I like it a lot:
(I don't know how to post the icon only)

Pelvis Wrestley - has a nice icon, made up of the owner's initials.

jim -

gr8 collection

Alex Foley -

Perhaps you'd like my company's favicon:

loxoscelesreclusa -

It was a PNG, but blogger changed it into JPG
it's 64<sup>2</sup> pixels
It works well for Mozilla & Firefox (MacOSX)
<br><br><img src="" width=16 height=16>

Larry -

I guess I need to work on mine since it didn't get listed!

Bhooshan -

Check my website Favicon. See if you like it. It's a butterfly to signify colours :-)

David van Wert -

Here's mine:<br/>
<img src="" />

mohan -

Universal stamps is a leading online stamps and coins selling site. I am looking for a nice stamp like fav icon.

Mac Academy -

A nice icon same as the texty logo reguired. Mac Academy, Coimbatore, India

Juan -

I heard Beau made a nice one...

Mike -

Here is ours at What do you think?

Scott -

I kept forgetting to drop by and submit mine, but after four months, ha ha! I have remembered.

Love the site, btw.

Jason Pearce -

If you are still taking submissions, here's one for Third Goal, a community blog for Peace Corps volunteers.

Mark Linton -

Thank you very much for the Kudos on our FavIcon.
It was actually created by Arthur at Varelse Design.

To Your Success!
Mark Linton - Managing Partner
For Sale By Owner Atlanta, LLC

karramarro -

Nice collection. Here is mine.

<img src=""/>

Dad -

I noticed the favicon for Lippincott Williams Wilkins, the folks who publish our Pharmacology text. It's kind of cool with a rising sun:

Nate Cavanaugh -

<a href="" title="Alterform" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
I've always been partial to mine :)

dfinney -

My wife's business - I went with a replica of one of her products rather than mimicing the site design. Effective?
<img src=""/>

Dad -

Heh Daniel: A compass is the classy amicon for the Canadian Geographic Society: Dad

iThink -

here is my favicon:

<img src="" />

Amit Deshpande -

Check my favicon...

See if you like it!



aXL²³ -

I hope you will like my favicon:

Angelo - web site. It's a web site about the Isle of Sicily, Italy and it's online since 1996. It may appear on this gallery as it is really nice.

mari -

this is mine:
<img src="" />

(and also:
<img src="" />
unfortunately it doesn't look well on the grey background)

David -

Thought this website was quite informative on some awsome homes loaded with smart technology and it also had a pretty cool icon when bookmarked in my favorites. Check it out...The url is Enjoy!

H.Adema -

Mijn favicon.ico

groetjes: Harrie Adema uit Nederland

Gernot Weise -

Online and free Zettelkasten

jc -

I think this is the beginning of the web's greatest favicon repository. But some of the submitted icons are definitely wishful thinking. Anyway, a good source of ideas.

Mark -

How about or maybe you would prefer which last time I checked was the sites name in morse code.

BTW nice site

Chris -

There's a cool stripey one on the New Zealand literary web site LeafSalon. It's at

Jacques Lesage -

I like collections, and this one, obviously, is a great one. But they are so small. Protect them well.
Here's the two I made.

Matthew Cox -

From the Tampa Bay Lightning's Website:

<img src="">

Mario Grifasi - From the Sicilian Almanac on line since 1996.

Ariah Fine -

I'm collecting homemade favicons! I love all the site specific ones, but so many sites don't have ones, and I like adding my own for my toolbar.

Anyone want to send me theirs I'd appreciate it.

sean -

Here's my police stripe:
<img src="">

/Marc -

Woaaaa!!! great icon site, I've always been a favicon fan, but didnt know that someone would collect them lol, anyway I hit this web by accident and its awesome, keep up the good job!

PD: watch my favicon (A little 3d guy) and post it here if you want!!!

Ray Yeargin -

Your collection could surely use the cute mug shot of Tux, the Linux mascot, on the Linux sysadmin portal, <img src="">.

vito campanelli -

very cute collection...
I have designed a few favicons for my web sites, they are nothing special anyway if you want to check them the URls are:


Robert Hartl -

Great collection.
Waht about this one?
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>
Or this (is from my private Webseite Hartl)?
<a href="" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="" /></a>

mahendran -

A cool website icon at

Kate -

Heres a list of my favourites:
If you like the icons add them to your collection
Regards Kate

Chris -


how to find a collection online with free favicons to be used without copyright?

Cindy -
got this one yet?


Nice collection! I would be honored if my fav was part of your collection. -Matthew

Dirk -

Nice Icons, how can I create one for my site

Bobby -

How about the one at

Robert Smith -

Well done! This is a lovely website. Like the colour scheme.

Have created a favicon for my new site at

Matt -

Does anyone know where I can get some sporty favicons (for free!) from?

Will -

These are all great. This one's mine:

bryan -

ANOTHER addition to your favicon collection

Longfellow -

<img src="" class="favicon" border="0" />Blogeverywhere's</a> favicon looks really cool ....
Why? Cause I made it sucker ...

existentist - We use a maroon favicon for our web server, and a different color favicon for each other box.

Darrel -

Thanks for such a great collection of favicons. These are handy to personalize your blog because most blog themes don't include a favicon.

Ken Grondell -

Some of my personal all time favorites are cartoon icons like:
It would be nice if more browser support was out there for these it makes a nice branding touch point on a site.

Hüseyin Tüfekçilerli -

<p>This is also a good one:</p>
<a href="" title="MODx CMS" class="favicon"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="MODx CMS" /></a><br style="clear: left;" />

adam -

my band's logo fits nicely into 16x16.

Nik Outchcunis -

very cool stuff, guys. here is mine:

onur köse -

this one is mine;
<a class='favicon' title='' href=''>
<img width='16' height='16' alt='' src='' />

Andy -

This is a brilliant site :)

I like the wicked favion used by

argent -

My first go at a favicon...very simple but I'm very proud as it took me an age just to figure out how to get it to work...can't make it appear in address bar but it does show in favourites...yayyyy!!

...erm...can't get it on here either!! It's just a tick...but it's my tick!!!

emace -

wow, thats a huge list. here's my suggestion:
<img src="">

Darin Cawthon -

Nice collection! Here is mine.

<img border="0" src="">
32 x 32 pixels

Mark -

We're launching our website today and I think our hot pink favicon has a place on your site! :D Check it out

Bozze -

You can transform .gif, .pgn into .ico at

Ozondesign -

Great collection. This stuff is really hard to create. Thx. I'm gonna use them...

Mike -

Nice collection you have going. Have a look at mine and see if you like it.

Matthew -

I love the collection!

Any suggestions for the
favicon at ?

Daniel Burka -

Due to comment spam, I've closed this thread. Please feel free to <a href="">email me</a> if you a great suggestion to add to the list. Sorry 'bout this. Thanks.

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