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Paul Boag -

I am very fortunate to have a very enthusiastic fan base that do the transcribing for me! I know what can I say, I take advantage of them. Its not always perfect but its a hell of a lot better than nothing.

Thanks for the post Daniel. It was nice to speak to you too and hopefully we can meet up at FOWA. Just found out that Kevin and Alex are doing a live diggnation show which is awesome! They are definitely one of the main reasons I started boagworld and we have tried to emulate their relaxed style (although we are far too British to do it properly!).

Dennis Coughlin -

Hi Daniel,

Really enjoyed your interview on Boagworld. I'm a big fan of their pod casts and it was great to hear your thoughts on the design of Digg.

Digg is my favourite site for daily news. In fact, I visit it way too much and especially while at work : )

Keep up the good work.


Lisa Price -

Hi Daniel. Great interview - enjoyed listening to it - and don't worry, um... everyone has their um.. own particular um... oral crutch :) See you at FOWA.

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Daniel Burka

My name is Daniel Burka. I'm a web designer living in San Francisco. Currently, I'm one of the founders of Milk Inc.. For several years I was the creative director at Digg and previous to Milk, I was the director of design at Tiny Speck. I grew up in PEI, Canada, where I was one of the founders of silverorange. Aside from obsessing about interface design and css selectors, I'm a frequently-falling rock climber, a lazy cyclist, and an often out-of-bounds disc golfer.

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