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kOoLiNuS -

This exploit of "social services" alongside with the increasing availability of mobile devices connected "24/24" a day are making more and more necessary clever ways to manage PRESENCE and AVAILABILITY of one person's persona.

Do you agree ?

Maybe I could write that in a more wordish way in a full post or a better comment, but I'm practically starving ... we'll see later !

Nate -

I can't seem to comment on the post on the Pownce Blog. (?) Did you close comments after 21 comments?

I wanted to ask, have you considered the case of someone wanting to post a message, viewable by the public, but only notify a subset of friends? My impression is I have to choose between the two.

Daniel Burka -

Nate: I'll look into the issue with the closed comments. I know what you're saying about that desire not to ping all of your friends when you send a public message sometimes. However, I think we want to avoid making this too fine-grained. One of the benefits of the current system is that there aren't too many options... it's pretty complicated already to wrap your head around who will see a post and who can see a post. Adding that half-layer will confuse things further I'm afraid. So, I don't think we'll do it.... at least for now.

Rik -

Hmm quite a hard one. I remember that there was a fix for it, have to search for it. I'll keep you updated.


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