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Matt -

Really great presentation. Well done!

Elmer -

Great presentation and what a cool way to distribute it.

Blake Shannon -

Great Presentation

Mike -

I really enjoyed your presentation at FOWA - thanks for the opportunity to see it again!

Jonny Wing -

Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed this presentation at FOWA, and was very excited when you said that you would post it to your website as I was keen to share it with the rest of my team, as some of them do not see the positive benefits of feedback. Hopefully they might listen to it a bit more after watching this presentation!

Thanks again!

Grant McAllister -

that was a good presentation Daniel, i wished you had a video of the conference and you had the screen shots in view when they changed, my mind started to wonder a bit after the same slide was up long enough.

I am 15 and a student Studying design at college in Scotland and also i design my own website and do freelance work, i have been designing and doing small amounts of very simple PHP MySQL coding for 2 years now. I am discussing with a mate (who is a php developer) to start a social network with me. Do you think it is worth while me learning the basics of PHP so i could create something like this idea up my self and then get more people in if it develop it further?

Do you think i should go to further education such as a web design and development course or should i get a job as a junior designer? I'm not sure because i will finish my current course in new media creation (which is a bit off every aspect of media design as well as web design), i want to know what did you do, did you go to college or university to learn what you do or did you do it on the job and become self taught?

An email reply would be grateful please.

Grant McAllister

robert -

I am listening to this while getting some stuff around the house done, it's all stuff I know in the back of my mind but hearing about it in practical examples is great.

I don't really know what to say since I am in the middle of the presentation, I think it is very well done, oh and I am sure you get this all the time but you do great work.

Geuis -

Can you just post a link to the audio please??? This flash player is freaking impossible to use. It doesnt load the entire audio, and there's no way to scroll to a specific place within the segments. I find no value in a slide show. I'm trying to listen to a presentation, not watch a power point slide.

Diana Moneymaker -

Excellent presentation Daniel.

Michael Schultz -

Thanks for posing this Daniel. It was so nice to hear your insight on a lot of things that are important to me. I think you should talk with Kevin about doing some Revision3 stuff together or even by yourself. It would be really cool to have a show all about design and whats going on in the design world, critiquing new design as it's rolled out around the web.

Wonderful presentation as I said before. Keep up the great work!

Alfredo Ascanio (askain) -

Excelente presentación...muy útil para los especialistas e incluso para el público en general.

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