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sw0rdfish -

While I agree with you on the greatness of that song, I think "McDonalds Girl" is the better cover :D

Nickcast -

Getting the error UNABLE TO UPDATE NOTE when I try to view comments with the Air app for Mac.

This has been a bug for a few weeks now can you please fix it. This is someone elses pownce note with a screenshot of the bug.

Lisa -

I agree with you about the song and I own a copy of the Yellow Tape. Does that make me cool or something? Did you hear that Stephen Page just got busted for possession of coke? Nicely timed after the release of their kids album hilariously entitled "Snacktime"

Static Brain -

I never heard of the band Bare naked Ladies before let along the song, but I went and listened on youtube and I love it. You have given me a new interest "BNL". Thanks for sharing. :-)

Nickcast -

Daniel I've been having a problem on Pownce where it keeps asking for my username and password even though it has it, it does it often on system startup (Mac OSX 10.5). I set it to remember it, but remembering doesn't seem to work.

Pete -

I think the Bare Naked Ladies don't get as much respect as they should. I love everything about them, and recall when they were in my town once and played at some local joint for us. Wonderful men! And great music.

Mike -

I love Bare Naked Ladies.


Stephen -

Great article, look forward to reading more.
Caterham Hire

David -

I agree, educate2 perfect.

Rich -

Did you watch the Bathroom Sessions videos? "Light Up My Room" will probably stay as my favorite. "Long Way Back Home" is also pretty good. It's my pick-me-up song.

Can I interest you in some rugs, Daniel?

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