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Randal "sw0rdfish" Santia -

Hey Daniel,

Did you make the meet at The Rhino on Monday? I got caught up and had to miss it, would have been cool to meet some Powncers.

Rich -

Dude, I'm telling you...I have better examples of modular design!! :p

Joshua Ford -

Thank you so much for your "Iteration & You" talk at MeshU. It was very insightful and original. It was very refreshing especially compared to most of my design classes that I took at college.

I would be interested in seeing other pieces you have designed aside from silverorange and digg could you possibly post a few examples if you have any available. Thanks again.

All the best. Josh

Brad -

Thanks Daniel for the inspiring presentation. Finally an excuse to take the low road... I knew the day would come.

Luckyspin -

I thought this was one of the standout presentations at FOWD in London recently. Even though you're about web design, the principles apply to software development as a whole. Rapid Iteration, Extensibility, Refactoring. They sounds extremely like some of the key tenets of agile development I’ve been pushing for a while.

Keep up the great work!

Fred -

Thanks for your interesting slides.

Yesterday I went to the I don't like slide no. 23 :(

I'll share your slides to my friends!

Randall -

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Johann -

Just read your slides, "realign, don't redesign" struck a chord with me because I do a lot of A/B and multivariate testing across my sites, like my PDF to JPG online converter, my QR Barcode Generator and my Youtube to MP3 site. Let's not forget that a CSS framework like Bootstrap can help you with that.

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My name is Daniel Burka. I'm a web designer living in San Francisco. Currently, I'm one of the founders of Milk Inc.. For several years I was the creative director at Digg and previous to Milk, I was the director of design at Tiny Speck. I grew up in PEI, Canada, where I was one of the founders of silverorange. Aside from obsessing about interface design and css selectors, I'm a frequently-falling rock climber, a lazy cyclist, and an often out-of-bounds disc golfer.

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