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xethorn -

Thanks a lot Daniel, your two presentations (workshop) and the talk are really good.
Thanks for the share!

Paulo Canabarro -

Hey Daniel,

Your presentation was great, made me realize the importance of feedback and to go out to seek more feedback and understand the bad feedback.

I a team member of <a href=">Abduzeedo</a> a design inspiration blog and we get over 2 million visits a month but if you look at our posts, only a couple of them get over 30 comments which is not a lot knowing that over 30k people seen it.

What could be done to amplify this interaction, and get people to comment (feedback) more.

Thank you,

Margo Wells -

As a native of the Big Apple who also happens to attend many of these types of affairs I can relate well to what you have written here about the Carsonified people that run conferences like FOWD. They take polish to a whole new level!

Peter -

Its interesting now that 2 years have passed to compare what was said at FOWD 2009 with how things have actually panned out in the real world. Its scary how close some of the predictions were... Would you like to know what I'm talking about? Just take a look at Dan's slides haha!

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