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Andy Snaith -

Best of luck on your future venture Daniel, they must be gutted to lose you but I'm sure they're wishing you all the best at the same time! Good work on the blog design it looks very nice, I like the color scheme.

John Barbagallo -

Nice! It's always great taking time off, especially when you're vacationing and doing personal work.

Good luck at Tiny Speck, and enjoy your time off!

Cameron Adams -

Best of Luck Daniel, can't wait to see what you guys make.

tyler -

Awesome redesign/realign... I am really digging the flickr feed.

Burke Shartsis -

The realignment looks great. Chrome treats the site well as you expected. Looking forward to reading more.

Sidenote:ALPHA WHISKEY ECHO BRAVO LIMA OSCAR GOLF, still makes me laugh every time I see it, glad you kept it.

Ahmed -

Oh the new look is awesome... and somehow, it reminds me of Pownce heheh ;)
Good luck with your new position!

Bastien -

Congrats Daniel, it's beautiful :)

Funny thing, as Ahmed says, it reminds me of Pownce too.

Johan Bakken -

Congratulations and good luck with your new job, Daniel!

My wife has a question for you: Is it really true that you have only taken a week off work over the past years?

The new theme is incredible. Love your work, as always.

Adam Debreczeni -

Congratulations, the new site looks fantastic; I love the dark blue colors. Enjoy your time off!

Michael Gauthier -

Great work Daniel!

I'm glad to see this blogging platform can be bent to your will.

Jon Victorino -

The new design looks fantastic! I'm loving the feeds.

Amadeus -

Hey Daniel,

I actually really like the new design; looking sharp! The only beef I have is with some of the minute font sizes used in comments and the definition lists (part of this could be related to the fact that my office is serving me with a 30inch monitor...)


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My name is Daniel Burka. I'm a web designer living in San Francisco. Currently, I'm one of the founders of Milk Inc.. For several years I was the creative director at Digg and previous to Milk, I was the director of design at Tiny Speck. I grew up in PEI, Canada, where I was one of the founders of silverorange. Aside from obsessing about interface design and css selectors, I'm a frequently-falling rock climber, a lazy cyclist, and an often out-of-bounds disc golfer.

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