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Jon Victorino -

Oh! There's some nice Glitch bits in here!

Johan Bakken -

Would have loved to have been there for the presentation. You and Rob are two of my favorite web designers.

Benjamin Alijagić -

Thanks for posting this! I've already googled a million times but couldn't found anything from talk.
You rock!

Benjamin Alijagić -

// It seems that I cannot open that facebook like. When I'm logged in and I open it it takes me to the facebook homepage, and when I'm not logged it says "Sorry, you do not have permission to see this note."

Johan Bakken -

@Benjamin Ditto.

Sean Crowe -

Thanks for such a great presentation. It was really great to hear you and rob talk about the little details that so many people seem to forget. I was able to capture a few of the important bits on video (including the fun audio spike). I've put them into a tumblr post and they're also up on youtube.


Ryan -

A picture of the talk:

Saby Ohara -

Unfortunately this year I wasn't able to visit SXSW conference in Austin, so I watched it from podcast, it was amazing.

Roch -

differentiating your app from the others is definitely the key. the apple store currently has way too many similar apps that quite frankly are all incomplete. They are all in some way missing something. none of them really give you the "ah-ha" feel that you've finally found the one you we're looking for.

Dylan West -

"Driving someone else's car is fun because you can drive it like an asshole." - This is pure gold mate, I had to giggle. I hope you don't mind if I plagiarize this from time to time LOL

Polly Porter -

Another interesting post from Dan as usual filled with gems of knowledge and a smattering of good humor. It has to be said that you are a very good writer Daniel, one that I regularly take time out of my busy week to stay abreast of.

Prop -

Great article! Love your write up!

Gary -

Very descriptive post, I loved that a lot. Keep it up!

London Junkie -

Well done! Thank you for sharing the information.

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