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Jake Rocheleau -

Wow this is great Daniel fantastic interview. You've accomplished a lot with Digg and Pownce... can only expect good things from Milk, too.

Jack -

Great little interview. The one thing I am jealous of is your parents and the support you got from them on a intellectual level. My parents gave me a good home and I had a pretty great childhood and went on to a good academic life... but... they never exposed me to life skills type things like you had.

Rory Reiff -

Great interview Daniel, thanks for the wise words. And thanks for your help/support in the past. Always great to be able to reach someone with experience and get their insight. Looking forward to Milk's first product.

Adithya -

Thanks so much for the insight. Being extremely young learning every little thing of entrepeneur ship means everything to me.

Dylan West -

This was a great interview with some very insightful answers given from someone who knows what they are talking about. I couldn't agree more with what Erin said about ideas (however "good" their originator may think they are) and their true value UNLESS they are followed up with TAKING ACTION.

"Build Things" it sounds so simple and yet I have found its almost always the simple things that make the difference between success and failure.

A very good read, thank-you.

Rao -

Its a great interview. Thanks for sharing with us

Richard -

I also enjoyed this interview. It's really inspiring and I'm really looking forward to see what Milk brings in the future :)

Jones -

Well done putting together this interview Daniel, I have searched it for quite a while and now I finally came across it! It is pleasing you know!

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My name is Daniel Burka. I'm a web designer living in San Francisco. Currently, I'm one of the founders of Milk Inc.. For several years I was the creative director at Digg and previous to Milk, I was the director of design at Tiny Speck. I grew up in PEI, Canada, where I was one of the founders of silverorange. Aside from obsessing about interface design and css selectors, I'm a frequently-falling rock climber, a lazy cyclist, and an often out-of-bounds disc golfer.

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